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Dr Themis Prodromakis

University of Southampton
Nano Group, Southampton Nanofabrication Centre
Southampton, SO17 1BJ, UK
+44 (0)23 8059 8803

Memristive Devices as Parameter Setting Elements in Programmable Gain Amplifiers

Authors: R. Berdan, T. Prodromakis, I. Salaoru, A. Khiat and C. Toumazou

Published by: Applied Physics Letters

In this paper, we investigate the AC performance of a variable gain amplifier that utilizes an in-house manufactured memristor as a gain setting element. Analysis includes frequency and phase responses as the memristor is programmed at different resistive states. A TiO2-based solid-state memristor was employed in the feedback branch of an inverting voltage amplifier and was programmed externally. We have also observed indications of memcapacitive effects and a correlation with resistive states is presented. We demonstrate that our TiO2 memristive devices, although possessing relatively low ROFF/RON switching ratios (∼10), are versatile and can be used reliably in programmable gain amplifiers.

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