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Dr Themis Prodromakis

University of Southampton
Nano Group, Southampton Nanofabrication Centre
Southampton, SO17 1BJ, UK
+44 (0)23 8059 8803

Dr. Robert Legenstein

Robert is an Associate Professor at the Institute for Theoretical Computer Science, Graz University of Technology. His primary research interests are learning algorithms in models for biological networks of neurons, dynamical systems, and probabilistic neural computation. Dr. Legenstein has established links between STDP and several well-established statistical learning methods such as supervised learning, independent component analysis, the information bottleneck principle and reinforcement learning. He has also contributed to the analysis of spiking neural networks from the dynamical systems perspective.

Dr. Legenstein is Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems. He is coordinating the FP7 project Brain-i-Nets, which is concerned with biologically inspired learning rules for neuromorphic hardware.


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